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brokeboater, my personal area of the web site.  Mostly travel, project and family photos (eventually anyway, currently under reconstruction this December 2020).


Late October 07, Erie, PA, Niagara Falls photos Off to buy my first RV.  A stop at a nice Georga rest area for lunch, a very cold Presque Island State Park in Erie PA and Niagara Falls.  Then back to Florida with the RV and tucked into it's very tight parking spot.

July 2008. Colorado, Black Canyon. photos.  I just had to have a New Horizons fifth wheel so this is a trip looking for the right one.  A stop a Eva's, Donna's mom, in Missouri, then a run due west to Colorodo.  Hight of the trip, besides Eva, was Black Canyon National Park.

March to Septemter 2011, Florida to Alaska. Donna, Buddy, Nipper, and Bill.  2006 Dodge Ram towing a 2004 New Horizons 30 fifth wheel.  This is the "big trip" that I, Bill, took upon deciding to retire and close the business.  Seven months,27,000 miles, 17,000 towing miles. route map.  It is divided up into 14 sections each with a long winded commentary page and photos for that section. Although each section is called a week some ended up covering a much greater length of time.  My camera broke on the first day and I wasn't able to replace it until we moved into a more civilized location on week two.  So although I have too many photos most weeks, almost none for week one.  Week one Big Bend National Park. commentary.  Week two Davis Mountains State Park, TX: commentary * photos.  Week three Picacho Peak. commentary * photos  Week four Yuma, AZ.  commentary * photos.  Week five Joshua Tree NP. commentary * photos Week six Sedona, AZ commentary * photos Week seven Grand Canyon commentary * photos Week eight Zion and Bryce NP commentary * photos Week nine Utah Lake, just outside of Salt Lake City commentary * photos Week ten Yellowstone NP commentary * photos  Week eleven Glacier NP commentary * photos  Passage through Canada commentary * Alberta photos * British Columbia photos * Yukon photos * Dawson City photos Alaska commentary * photos  Canada to Portland commentary * photos  Portland to Florida commentary * photos

Spring 2016 Florida to California photos Eva, Donna, Buddy, Holly and Bill.  1999 Airstream 25, the first Airstream.  A couple of rest stops at an RV park just west of Houston with extreme flooding. The storm hit a mile or so before we hit downtown Houston and it rained hard all day, night, and then the next day, with extreme flooding in Houston.  We got out the next morning just in time.  A few road side stops in the Texas Hill Country.  Yuma and a visit with Rick.  The RV park is one we stay at often when in Yuma, retro and next door to a nice walking park.  A few day in KOFA.  A visit with Eva's brother in Phoenix.  A few days at Fools Hollow Lake outside of Showlow.  A run to Route 66 in Windslo, AZ and a bit of the Petrified Forrest.

Fall 2016 Florida to California photos Donna, Buddy, Holly and Bill.  2004 Airstream Safari 25.  A steep run through North Georgia.  Lake front camp in TN.  Natchez Trace NP. Free lake front camp in TX. Joshua Tree NP.  Marfa TX. A run along the Rio Grande from Presidio to Big Bend NP. An overnight at Del Rio.

Jan, Feb, March 2018 Florida to California photos. Donna, Buddy, Holly and Bill.  2014 Arctic Fox 25R. Twenty miles or so from home we make our traditional first stop at a rest area to see if all is fine with the tow set up.  Florida is very good with the rest areas.  Next stop is another tradition, the Atchafalaya Louisianna Welcome Center, which allows overnight RV parking.  When heading west on a coast to coast run I try and hit Baton Rouge,  read more...

 Jan, Feb 2019,  Solo California winter 2020 photos My first solo, human wise, and I was nervous about it all.  First overnight rest stop dispelled any worries.  Solo travel is great. read more...


Transmission  A long planned rebuild of my Dodge Ram's 48re transmission and the reason I built my shop.

Family stuff

Alexander City trip  Lucy, Gloria, Virginia, Ron, Bill.  A trip to Alexander City, AL to visit each other and revisit the old homesteads and clean and visit the graves.

Dorothy's 90th birthday, June 2012.

Ron's surprise birthday

Thanksgiving 2011 photos.  Donna at her finest put on a wonderful Thanksgiving day meal working out of a kitchen that as barely more than an RV kitchen.  Two  days of cooking and prep and it all came out on time.

Thanksgiving 2013 photos.  Randy stopped in on Bill and the dogs with a surprise.  Lobster intended for someone else but this time being second in line worked out just fine.  It was a man cave kind of Thanksgiving but we had a good time.  Fond memories, RIP Randy, RIP Buddy.

Thanksgiving 2018 at Stephanie's

RV stuff

Airstream Safari 1999.  The project    * Finished product

2003 Airstream Safari 25